Essential Oil

Basics of Essential Oils

Smell is one of our most powerful senses and it's especially linked with our memory. Beautiful aromas and scents enrich our lives and boost our moods. We could spend every day filling our homes with arrangements of flowers, fruit or tree branches, but that poses a lot of practical issues for most people. When you purchase the oils, you're not buying scents that have been contaminated with chemicals, but rather the oil inside the plant itself. Once it's extracted, it's bottled for a more convenient way to get the benefits without having to continually pick or buy the different plants.

Essential oils come from either the flower, stem or bark and are typically so strong that they're mixed with other types of oils such as sesame or olive. These oils also make it safe to be applied to your skin should you choose to use them that way. Incense and scents have long been used for ritual, and the act of burning incense for balance and peace is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian practice. The art of fragrance been under development for quite some time now, and the quality of essential oils has only improved over the years.

Aroma therapy has been used to enhance your energy, increase your feelings of well being and even encourage serenity during times of stress. There are many different techniques, but they often involve mixing and blending different oils until you find your own personal perfect combination. People can often associate strong smells as being too overwhelming or giving them a headache, but it's often the chemicals that give people the headache and not the actual scent itself. No one has ever entered a forest and said that they've gotten a headache from too much pine scent! Essential oils give you all of the good qualities, and we recommend having a variety of different fragrances depending on how you feel.

How to Use Essential Oils 

There are a lot of theories around aromatherapy, and the practice will to continue to evolve as time goes by. Some common uses in to increase your well-being include scents like ginger or sandalwood giving you a warming and comforting sensation, peppermint and cedarwood being more to stimulate and strengthen the mind and jasmine and chamomile to provide a calming tone to your body. All of the scents are meant to give you some peace and provide an often much needed break in your day. You can either add a few drops of oil into a bath, have them massaged onto your skin or even just inhale straight from the bottle for a quick fix.

Whether you're interested in essential oils to use for therapy or health purposes or you just like having your favorite scents around you whenever you want to smell them, you can benefit from having them in your home, car or office. With all of their good qualities, it would be hard to go wrong when choosing your favorites. Lavender, vanilla, peach, strawberry: you can have access to all of these scents whenever you want, even in the dead of winter.